CSS3 FlexBox 在线调试
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Flexbox Playground

CSS3 FlexBox 在线调试:


This is project to demonstrate the capabilities of the CSS3 Flexbox Layout.


In order to build this project you need to have Node.js and npm (Node Package Manager) installed on your system. You can download them from here and follow this install instructions.

To compile the Sass source to CSS, you'll need Ruby, Sass and Compass. To install Ruby follow this guide, for Sass this, and for Compass refer to this guide.

In some cases when installing node packages you'll need Python 2.7 and C++ Libraries (Windows) to build them.

Note that these executables need to be accessed from command line, so make sure they're added in the environment path. On Linux and Mac they're automatically added to the path, and for Windows you may need to follow this instructions, just be careful not to mess the existing path value.


First install gulp command line tool globally with:

npm install --global gulp

And from the project's root install the dependencies with:

npm install

After it's done, this will attempt to run bundle in the current dir to install the compass gem defines as a dependency in the Gemfile. Without the Ruby compass gem, gulp build will fail.


To build the code just run gulp from the command line. This will produce functional version in the dist folder.


This source code is under MIT license.